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Learning to Listen

A while back I contacted a young composer, who has amazing talent, and asked if we could meet. I did not say much beside that I was a fellow composer. I had heard some of the compositions on his web site and wanted to help him along in his career if I could. Why? Once upon a time someone did something similar for me and it changed my world.

The young man invited me to come and see his studio so I accepted. Nathan (my husband) and I went to visit.

The young man spent the whole time excitedly telling us all about his cool gear in the studio. We were there for several hours, and the only time I remember him saying anything directly to me was when he turned to me, after he had told us about a piece he just wrote, and said "I don't know how much composing you have actually done, but... ". The thing is - he never stopped to find out either. He wasn't really interested in finding out.

Please, understand me correctly - It is totally fine that he has no clue who I am or what I have done music wise. Most of the world doesn't know. It did however make me sad to realize I cannot help him. He still has no idea why I even asked to come over that day.

The situation made me wonder what opportunities I may have missed due to spending too much time thinking of myself, and too little thinking of others.

May I learn to turn my eyes away from myself so that I can truly see my neighbor. May I learn to listen more than I speak. I can not tell from the outside who has moved mountains, because that kind of strength starts on the inside. I should never assume that I know someone until I have spent time listening to their story. I don't know at first sight who will touch my heart, so may I always give people a fair chance to do so.

~ Lydia

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