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Overnight Success

I have a friend who recently was offered a really cool job on a TV show.

Someone told him “Wow, you are one of those overnight success people!” and he answered “Yes, if you count 17 years of making documentaries, networking, working behind the scenes on countless film and TV projects, doing stand up comedy etc. as being an overnight success - then I am what you say.”

When we look at others we see the big events in their lives. We often focus on their successes, the moments that change their game. What we oftne don’t see are the months and years leading up to those moments. All the preparing they did to tbe ready when opportunity came. Learning, growing, studying, working, trying, failing, trying again...

It reminded me to not feel frustrated when things don’t happen as quickly as I would like. Maybe I am simply in the middle of my 17 years of preparing, maybe my next cool thing is just around the corner. If I quit I would never know. So, I keep working, moving forward one step at a time.

Another thing to remember is to not live those years of preparation as if you were in the middle of a parenthesis in life. I have heard it said that “the joy is in the journey.” Moments of success are rewarding, but they will come and go. I believe what really matters are the relationships you build with people along the way. Take time to create memories with your family and friends. Take time to slow down enough to enjoy life.

~ Lydia

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